Life Insurance

Need to make a claim? We’re here to help.

How to Make a Claim

The policy owner, nominated beneficiary or the representatives of your estate can make a claim by calling us on 0800 666 004, emailing, or writing to DPL Insurance Limited, PO Box 33 1248 Takapuna, Auckland 0740.

We will let you know at that time what documentation is required, to be provided at the policy owner’s expense.

Usually this would include the death certificate and coroner’s report (if one has been issued), along with proof of age (birth certificate or drivers license), if this isn’t given on the death certificate.

Proof will also be required of the policy owner or nominated beneficiary’s identity if they are making the claim, or a grant of administration (probate or letters of administration), if the claim is being made by your estate.

If the claim is for a terminal illness, we will need a specialist report from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner registered in New Zealand. We will meet the cost of any additional examination or tests they may require to confirm a terminal illness.